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Configuring Errata for Ubuntu with Spacewalk

In my last article I have shown you how to get Ubuntu servers registered and integrated with Spacewalk.

However something important is still missing: Getting Errata into Spacewalk for Ubuntu systems. Errata are security, bugfix, enhancement advisories published by distribution vendors like Debian, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu. These Errata can be imported to Spacewalk and show/email which systems/packages are affected along with information like CVE numbers. You can then “apply” the Errata to these systems, triggering a remote update. That way you will always know if your systems lack critical updates.

Unfortunately, there is no general source or feed getting these Errata into Spacewalk. A good source are the security mailing lists of the vendors but you still need to parse them and import via API. For CentOS / RHEL there exist a few scripts:

However for Ubuntu there didnt exist such a script so I had to do one myself. Read on where to get and how to integrate it ! Read more

Registering Ubuntu and Debian Servers with Spacewalk

You probably have heard of Spacewalk, the systems management solution for RHEL / CentOS and other RedHat-based systems.
It provides and manages content / package updates for all your servers along with some other features like kickstarting / bootstrapping nodes, audits and some simple config management if you dont run Chef or Puppet or similar.

However, did you know that you can meanwhile also (fully) manage your Debian/Ubuntu systems with Spacewalk ? Documentation on this is still sparse and you have to figure out certain things on your own.
Read on after the jump how to completly setup and configure Spacewalk 2.2 to work with Ubuntu clients. Including Errata !

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