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Adding custom session data to Dreamfactory JWT token

When working with Dreamfactory it might be desired and helpful to have additional claims (key/values) in the user session JWT token.

In my scenario I have custom API services / scripts which do calls to other services (DB, SOAP, external REST API). However not all calls work with only the email from the user session but rather require certain IDs not related to Dreamfactory at all. So the services would first have to fetch the Id by email resulting in additional API calls all the time causing slower response times.

So I was looking for a way to store those key/values. Read on after the jump how I solved it.

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Orchestrating Dreamfactory with docker-compose and a LoadBalancer

As a followup on my introductive article about Dreamfactory + Docker and Dreamfactorys article “Scaling DreamFactory with Docker” about how to manually run Dreamfactory containers in a load-balancer pool, I’m taking the chance to show you how I implemented Dreamfactory Docker containers with docker-compose as an orchestrator. (You could aswell use any other like Marathon/Mesos, AWS ECS, Swarm..)

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