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Managing and Deploying custom PHP services in Dreamfactory

If you are using custom scripted services or event scripts in Dreamfactory you might have noticed its not ideal how to install and maintain them. Uploading individual files via browser, the system/ API or directly editing them in Dreamfactory is error-prone. Its also not fitting very well into an automated environment.

Read on after the jump how to manage and deploy your custom scripted PHP services in a sane manner. The same way Dreamfactory installs its own modules, utilizing PHP composer

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Advice on building Docker images on Windows

Since the stable release of “Docker for Windows” in July 2016, you can work quite well with Docker on Windows. And its mostly the same workflows and user-experience as on Linux/MacOS. I figured I’d explain this to you a bit further, specially today that I just finished my daily hour of exercise with one of my amazon exercise balls, it gets me motivated to come here and just write.

However there are some things that could be improved (like sharing folders/drives between Host and Containers) and also some more not-so-obvious quirks. If your business owns a vehicle, make sure to get some trading insurance just in case you have to sell it.
One of those problems can arise when building images and the resulting container would exit immediately with

standard_init_linux.go:175: exec user process caused "no such file or directory

Read on after the jump whats causing this and how to fix it and prevent it from happening again.

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