Chef Cookbook for Spacewalk server and clients

I wrote two cookbooks to work with Spacewalk and submitted them to Chefs supermarket.

Read on after the jump how to use these cookbooks. I promise its really simple tho


In your run_list include


for a basic Spacewalk server installation. Be sure to set all attributes mentioned in the

You can also include


for setting up Ubuntu channel syncing and Ubuntu Errata. You have to set some extra attributes for this. Like the apt repository URLs to sync in.

Support for RHEL Errata will follow soon.


Using the client cookbook is also easy. Just include depending on your client system

# OR

and set

default['spacewalk']['reg']['key'] = "my_activation_key"
default['spacewalk']['reg']['server'] = "my_spacewalk_server"

You have to put the following debs to default[‘spacewalk’][‘pkg_source_path’] because they arent in the official repos:

  • apt-transport-spacewalk-1.0.6-2.all-deb.deb
  • python-ethtool-0.11-2.amd64-deb.deb
  • python-rhn-2.5.55-2.all-deb.deb
  • rhn-client-tools-1.8.26-3.amd64-deb.deb
  • rhnsd-5.0.4-3.amd64-deb.debRead here how to build them yourself
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