Spacewalk Errata integration for Slack

We are using Slack at our company and we are having a #emergency room for collboration during critical situation. I thought it would be nice to have Spacewalk Errata information posted there additionally to the emails Spacewalk sends us.

So I made a small python script which can be run as a cron and collects all relevant security Errata affecting at least one system. It then posts those to a Slack channel or group.

You can find the script here

You have to set the SATELLITE_* variables at the top and also the Slack Hook URL. You have to configure a “Incoming Webhooks” and use the Hook URL provided by it.

The output will look like so. The blue text are links to the Errata Details page and the affected systems list.

Spacewalk to Slack integration

I used this little Spacewalk icon for the Hook so it looks all shiny in Slack.


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