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Spacewalk vs. Katello

When managing alot of systems (virtual or physical) it makes sense to centralize the package management. It also saves you alot of time.

Spacewalk does exactly that for RPM-based systems like CentOS, Fedora or SLE. Its the community and open-source version of the RedHat Network Satellite Products  (RHN). It brings you alot of nice features like

  • Systems inventory with hardware and software info (DMI)
  • Centralized package management. Installing / Updating software on systems (single/grouped/batch)
  • Errata overview for systems (security/bugfixes/enhancements)
  • Kickstart / Provision systems
  • Audit
  • basic config file distribution (better do this with puppet/chef)
  • basic monitoring (better do this with munin/graphite/ganglia..)

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