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GPG signing RPMs with Sigul Signing Server & Koji integration

When you are building your own RPMs and distributing them either on your own infrastructure or to the public, you should consider signing them with a GPG key. That way the client machines that install your RPMs can verify the integrity and authenticity of what they are installing.

GPG signing can either be done manually, which is fairly easy but unhandy or you can use a way more automated and solid way, using the Sigul Signing Server by Fedora.

Sigul keeps the private keys used for signing on its server and they arent accesible by the clients who want to sign RPMs. All requests by Sigul Clients to Sigul Server are sent over the Sigul Bridge which relays them. This allows signing RPMs from various machines, without having access to actual keys being used. So you never communicate directly with the Server which can and should be isolated from the rest of the world and only allow connections from/to the Bridge in the Firwall.

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